About Terry Steeley

Communicating through imagery



A talented photographer, ardently commited to sharing the magic of the oceans and the richness of our planet.


Designer, digital guru, art director. A highly-motivated creative delivering engaging design solutions for projects small and large.

 Trip leader

A natural leader excited to share a love for big animals and adventure. Leading trips to some of the world’s most fascinating places.


A knowledgeable and gifted trainer with a passion for sharing ideas, innovation and understanding. Comfortable working one-to-one or one to many.

Public speaker

Consummate and respected industry influencer and public speaker since 2002. Delivering seminars to professionals globally.


An explorer. Passionate about our world, enjoying unique and sustainable encounters with nature, places and people.

‘Our oceans fascinate me. I’m no longer a diver. I am now an observer, and the oceans, rivers and lakes are my studio.’


Image of Terry Steeley

A love of the oceans, nature, wildlife and adventure combined with a passion for photography made a career as an underwater photographer a natural and intuitive choice. A diver since 1997, it was much more recently that Terry first took a DSLR into the water. He was immediately hooked, and diving and photography together have taken him from a keen amateur to a talented professional. He describes himself as “No longer a diver. I am now an observer, and the oceans, rivers and lakes are my studio. Photography is the best way for me to share these magical places.”  

Terry’s eye for design was developed in his previous career as a graphic designer, then later a web designer. What better place to use and develop those skills than in capturing the beauty of the natural world? 

His love for underwater photography led him to take a sabbatical from his day job, travelling from Alaska to French Polynesia to experience different underwater worlds, using his photography to explore as many different environments as possible, learning from the many talented photographers he dived with. An underwater photographer was born and Terry never returned full-time to the office! 

As his skills and experience as a photographer developed, Terry’s passion for teaching combined to become a big part of his professional work; imparting his knowledge to other photographers through his own courses and by leading big animal trips for Big Fish Expeditions. Also a Photoshop expert, having lectured for Adobe for many years, Terry is able to offer that extra dimension in his teaching, taking photographers from capturing an image to fine art printing.

Terry’s commitment, energy and enthusiasm for his photography are limitless and this is evident in his images. He is now receiving acclaim in both British and international photography competitions, with his photography exhibited internationally. The journey from graphic designer to professional underwater photographer has not always been easy but his photography is a testament to all those who, whatever their profession, aspire to follow a dream of a career in photography.  



2016 Travel Photographer of the Year. Land, Sea & Sky Portfolio


2016 Travel Photographer of the Year. Travel Shorts, HD Video


2016 Travel Photographer of the Year. Journeys & Adventure


2016 Travel Photographer of the Year. Shaped by Light


2016 Travel Photographer of the Year. Wildlife & Nature

Highly Commended

2016 BSoUP/Diver National Print Competition

World Champion

2015 Underwaterphotography.com Championship

Gold Medal

2015 Underwaterphotography.com Championship, Splits

Bronze Medal

2015 Underwaterphotography.com Championship, Wrecks

Gold Medal

2015 Underwaterphotography.com Championship, Macro, not swimming

Runner Up

2015 Underwaterphotography.com Championship, Macro, not swimming

Runner Up

2015 Underwaterphotography.com Championship, Macro, swimming

Bronze Medal

2015 Underwaterphotography.com Championship, Sharks

Silver Medal

2015 Underwaterphotography.com Championship, Freshwater

Overall Winner

2015 BSoUP/Diver National Print Competition


2015 BSoUP/Diver National Print Competition, Advanced Overseas

Highly Commended

2015 UWP | Underwater Photographer of the Year, Wrecks Category

Runner Up

2014 Travel Photographer of the Year, Spirit of Adventure

Overall Winner

2014 BSoUP/Diver National Print Competition


2013 Travel Photographer of the Year

Runner Up

2013 BSoUP/Diver National Print Competition

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