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The team at CanonUK have thoughtfully loaned me one of their new EOS Canon 1DX mk2 cameras for a short trial.

For an underwater photographer, camera body upgrades are seldom low cost. More importantly, if it means a new housing, it’s a considerably financial outlay, often the same cost as the camera body. There were a few features that the new camera offered that excited me, and shortly after Canon announced the release of the EOS Canon 1Dx mk2, I attended the Photography Show in Birmingham keen to slip a pre-production Mark2 model into my underwater housing. I was delighted that all the essential functionality I needed was operational in my existing housing. One key feature that wouldn’t work was the Live View/Video button. Thankfully, a conversation with Subal informed me that it should be a simple task to retro-fit the missing video controls to my existing housing.

If all goes well with the trial, this could prove to be expensive.